Museum Of The Future


Museum Of The Future

Museum Of The Future

Dubai is a land of marvels and one cannot get enough of it. While the tallest building, the largest mall and the largest indoor theme park, amongst other things, would keep you hooked to this marvelous city, the Museum of future, a recent addition, would surely leave you spellbound.

The Museum of the future is as unique as it sounds and offers the visitors extraordinary sensory and visual experiences while being educational. The best part about this place is that unlike other museums, you do not have to be cautious about what you touch. On the other hand, this is an interactive museum and the more you touch and engage with the exhibits, the more fun you would have.

Взрослые : 10$
Доступные дни : Every Day
Продолжительность : 2 hours
Дети : 10$
Время забирать : 9:00
Возраст ребенка : 2 - 11



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